Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Ramblin'.....

I can get used to this not setting the alarm thing! Another 8:00 morning for me! For years I'd get up at the crack of dawn to get the day started....even during those years that I would stay up til the wee hours to work while it was quiet...I'm finding now that the older I get the more I like to sleep in! Since I spent yesterday afternoon scrapbooking (after shopping/errands w/Mom), today I needed to work....I needed to set out my garden! My bil got the garden spot tilled early this morning so after my coffee and computer time, I headed out to get started..... tomatoe, zucchini, cucumber, canteloupe and okra plants. I also got a handful of beans to plant....for Briar. I like green beans but after my childhood years of planting, weeding, stemming and snapping them, I'm good with just buying them in the can at the local grocery store! But Briar says that he will do all that and my sister Denni says she likes to stem and snap... so if they do that, I'll cook them! I still would like to get some herbs.....I did get a couple of lavendar plants but I put them out front in one of my flower boxes!
Not only did I get that done, but I also fired up the weedeater and the riding mower to take care of some areas the guys haven't been getting!

I thought I'd share this little pic with you today.... I was headed in or out of the house when I noticed Miss outdoor mouser cat...all curled up in this unused flower pot! Even though she's really no bigger than a minute, I don't know how she gets herself all curled up to fit in places like that! Her's a good kitty....she likes to leave me little pressies on the walk every once in awhile.... like she's earning her keep! A funny cat.... she follows me just like Lucy, my lab follows me....if I walk to the mailbox, she follows.....if I take a walk thru the woods, she follows....if I'm in the house, she can usually be found sitting near the door.

So what's going on in your world this week? Do you have plans for the holiday weekend? John will be home (passing thru) for the weekend....we hope to take another little daytrip Saturday. My family has a gathering planned for Monday that we may go to. Other than that...we'll probably just take it easy here at the house. Whatever you do...have fun and be safe!!

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Denni said...

call me crazy but I still like doing a few garden things - mostly shucking, hulling, & snapping though!
And FYI...some of your wording - really? "Her's a good kitty" LOL you know I have to give you crap about it! XOXO