Friday, November 18, 2011

The Kitchen Table...

 This is my kitchen table.
Nothin' fancy.
It's not new.
Just an old table made with tongue and groove boards
and the chairs don't match.  
But it's my table.
It suits me and it fits the space.
And it doesn't always look like this!
 For the past several weeks, it's been  covered with sewing machines, fabrics, patterns and an assortment of sewing notions.
Stacks of alterations, finished items....It was completely loaded down.

Yesterday was the day to clear it off. 
I wanted the family to actually sit down to the table for a meal instead of serving dinner buffet style and taking off to the living room.
And we did just that....

I need to come up with a plan to rework the spare bedroom/work room to make it more
comfortable to work in OR come up with an inexpensive way
to complete the back porch to make it a more useful space. 

My challenge for the week is to keep my table cleared off.
Hmm.....I wonder how many days it will actually last......

1 comment:

Rebag said...

HAHAHA I have to laugh......sounds very much like my house..... It is so bad I doubt I will ever share a photo of my table LOL!