Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilts...Old & Tattered...

As I was working on these little stocking ornaments the other day, I  wondered just how many old & tattered quilts have been tossed in the trash because someone thought it was too worn for anymore use.
These were made from the scraps of a quilt that I had already used for a number of projects.
Stockings, angel wings,  pockets for cats and stars, pillows... and who knows what else!
So far, all the quilts I've used in my works, I've found in antique shops.
I have a few quilts here that I don't ever see myself using for anything but display.
Several years ago, a friend brought to me three beautiful pieced quilts, all in perfect condition....
to make keepsake bears for her kids. 
Taking that first cut into such perfect quilts....ouch!

I don't think old quilts ever get beyond the point of some sort of use.
If not using as a cutter quilt for handmade projects, simply fold it up and set it on a bench or lay across the arm of an old rocking chair. 
 Use one to cover the bales of hay on your next hayride.  As a Christmas tree shirt for your primitive decorated Christmas tree. Use one as a table cover for your next family gathering or in your  next craft show display.
An  old quilt, no matter how tattered, still has a good number of uses,
so don't toss it out just yet!

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Shari said...

I so agree! But I do love the idea of using them as stockings!