Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I love aprons. My grandma always wore one....from making biscuits in the kitchen to the chicken house to gather eggs. I wear them but not as often as I should.
I like to make aprons. I sometimes use a pattern, sometimes not. I kinda splurged the other day....using a 40% off coupon at Joanns, I picked up their last copy of the latest issue of *apron-ology*. New fabrics. Old fabrics. Old shirts or skirts. Vintage linens. Half aprons. Full aprons. I'm finding lots of inspiration! I found it interesting and disappointing though that when I went to check out the Etsy shops of the featured designers, several, not all, their shops were empty. I hope they fill up soon so we can see more of their fabulous aprons.
Vintage linens used to be a weakness of mine while browsing the antique shops. I've sold some. I've upcycled some. I actually use some of the tablecloths.  I think I've still got a few of them tucked away in a closet waiting to be transformed into something new.

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