Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My latest finish...

This past Saturday I got to spend the day in my sewing room for some needed sewing therapy. I had cut this out a week before and had left it lay out in the sewing room so it wouldn't be forgotten.
This is Butterick B5624...baby fashion essentials and yes, it's for our little Miss Rylee. I still need to put in buttonholes and sew on buttons and will get that done today. Love this little calico....I think it might even be old enough to be considered vintage! It reminds me of the little dresses my Mom and Grandma used to sew for me and my sisters so long ago.
We are on our final week of school here and that means just a few more days with Rylee B. Oh! What to do? She sure keeps me busy and I will miss seeing her everyday....but I won't lack for things to do by any means! I have a list of things I want to get done over the summer....probably more than what I will be able to get done.
There's also the idea of opening my Etsy shop again.
"Sew" much to do and "sew" little time.....so I will have to make the most out of every minute that I possibly can.

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