Friday, June 7, 2013

Back in the day.....

It's Friday night...cupcakes for tomorrow afternoon are baked and I will put the frosting on in the morning. I am already in my robe with a cup of mint tea and I'm being drawn again to a "book" that my Aunt Evelyn wrote some time ago. Evelyn was my mothers oldest sister. She was born November 1928 and was 11 years older than Mother. They really grew up in very different times.
In a visit with her before she passed away last fall, she had shared with me the fact that she had written this "book". Uncle Bob often traveled with his work before fully retiring and one night while he was away, she sat down and just started writing and from what I can tell this was back in 1998.
I have already read through it once but I've been drawn back to it several times to reread certain parts of it.
It's just an assortment of memories.....her memories...and from time to time I thought I would share some of her memories with you. They're written in no particular order....just as they came to mind, far as I can tell.

"What can you remember as a small child? The first thing I can remember was my grandma Mag Summers telling me to not mess up her bed. She had a feather bed. She could make up that bed as smooth as could be. Didn't anyone ever bother her bed.
Grandma taught me how to do house work. It had to be perfect or you did it over."

She must of taught my Mom how to do housework too because Mom taught us the same way.

The photo I'm sharing is of my Grandpa Summers, Aunt Evelyn (at Grandpas right), Aunt Norene (at Grandpas left) and that's my Mama on his lap.

I hope you find some of her memories as interesting as I do.

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