Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Girlie Things...

I had a "day off" yesterday...Ely and Liz took a much needed day off and took Rylee to the zoo.
I had started this little sun top (Butterick 3846) on Friday and got it done for the most part but as I'm getting ready to tie it up to snap a pic I realize I made a slight booboo....yeah! I didn't close the end of the ties. So what do you do? Tie the ends and wah-la! Don't ya just love this little vintage peachy-pink calico? I think it's going to look great on lil' miss Rylee with a little pair of daisy dukes!
Next on the list was deconstructing an old pair of my bib-overalls. I've made several little denim aprons with various leftover snippets of fabrics without a lining but this time I wanted to pair the denim with homespun and line the apron. A salvaged back pocket cut down just a smidge with a bias border of homespun was simply perfect for this little aprons pocket. This will be listed in my etsy shop by the end of the week!
As I worked at deconstructing my old bibs, it took me back to a couple of things I read in Aunt Evelyns book....
"Practically nothing was ever discarded. The motto was "Make Do or Do Without"".
"When a quilt was made you could pick out your dresses-Dad's denim work shirt.  Some were made from wool coats and men's suits. They were tacked."
While I'm using a good portion of my old bibs, I'm sure I threw out way more than what my great grandmother would of.


Rita Templeton said...

SO cute! That's the one thing that ever makes me want a girl - the clothes. :)

Cinlyn said...

Well after raising two boys, this little girl thing is quite a change. I know... I have lots of nieces but it's not the same!