Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall is SO here...

First of all, I want to say THANKS to Lori for this nice little blog award! And now I pass it along to six others I've recently discovered and have enjoyed reading....








It is cool, damp and windy here again today. Fall is definitely here!
We took a little drive over to the Amish community this mil, sil, niece and myself....I came home with a bag full of little gourds and some corn that I've put in an old egg basket for the front porch.

I picked up a few other things and I just had to stop by Lydia's....the lady I buy my rugs from, to see how her new house was coming along....WOW! That house is huge! Speaking of huge....look at these guys...

Then we had to stop in the driveway on our way out for the horse
My sil said I looked like a Japanese tourist taking all these pics...LOL...and I suppose I probably do look like a tourist since I pack my camera in my purse no matter where I'm going....but I can't pass up good blogging material! I was SO surprised, that when the horse was up by the house when we got there, he was munching on a hedgeball! You know those green brainy-looking balls that fall from their trees in the fall....I never knew that horses ate them! He was munchin' away! Lydia's husband said yep they do...and cows eat them too but it can choke them.
I think I need to go for a walk in the woods....I've got an old iron kettle that needs something in it for this fall! I'm pretty sure we have a tree on this farm someplace!
Well, that's my day so far...came home, put things away and started on a couple loads of laundry that I didn't get to yesterday and as I type away here, I'm working on a pot of coffee and will work on some "homework" from the store...needed my home sewing maching for this job! I hope you all are having a great day!!


Shanda said...

Hi Cindy, It so nice to meet another Missouri farm girl.
I love the gourds in the old egg basket. You found some very unusual ones. I see you all like to ride bikes. I have a few friends who do that, but I'll stick to my horses. I just never caught that bug it seems. I saw riders this weekend in California and wondered it it was you. Where excately is randolf county. I have lived here way to lonf not not know where all the clounties are located. During storm warning I am always getting the phone book out to look and see how close it is to us.
Nice to meet you and thank you for the award, I saw that tonight. You are a sweetie.

Cinlyn said...

You're welcome...I sure enjoyed reading your blog! We love to ride...this one was local, so we weren't in the Calif group! Rand Co is north of Boone County. I live just 30 minutes north of Columbia. We've got horses too...I don't ride them, I just take care of them. We own two, but there are a total of 14 that we take care of out here on the family farm. Won't get into that tho'! LOL