Thursday, October 30, 2008

He's waited all summer long....

.....for the fireplace to be lit! We had some really cool temps over this past week so when I finally finished cleaning things up in and around it, we lit a fire Monday night and boy did Salem like that! He pretty much camps out on the hearth once we get a fire going! He's sitting there now as I type and we let it die out yesterday since it warmed a bit and he's looking in there like "where'd it go?"!
Notice the doors? How clear they are? We've lived here for nearlyl five years and I've tried and tried to clean them with no luck at all. Ely was visiting with an aunt last week and they got on the subject of fireplaces....well...long story short...she suggested going to Dollar General and buying their store brand of scrubbing bubbles....spray the doors then wipe off. Clean as a whistle! She wasn't kiddin'! Even tho' I let it sit for a bit, I could tell that it started to work instant! Now why doesn't it seem to work that fast when using it in the bath tub? Hmm.....
John's been home all week but going back out today...he will miss all the little trick or treaters tomorrow night...not that we have a great many come all the way down here, but we get a few...mostly nieces, nephews & cousins!
The friends from Goose Bay will be at his folks late Saturday or early Sunday, so we're having a little gathering Sunday afternoon. They'll be here a few days then head on out to make their way to Texas for the winter, as will Mom & Pops...they will follow a day or two after.
Hope you all are having a GREAT week!!

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