Thursday, October 23, 2008


So what's going on in your world this week? Today is shopping day with Mom....I found a recipe for beef stew on Lori's blog that sounds wonderful...a little different from what I usually make, so I think I'm going to pick things up for that to make this weekend.
It's definitely stew weather here in Missouri....damp, cool & windy....clearing off and cleaning out the fireplace is on the list of things to this week/weekend. Once the time changes, my runnin' really slows down.... once the sun goes down for the day, it's time to put on the robe and curl up in my chair in front of the fire with a good tv show and some stitchin'!
The boys have been out cuttin' firewood....they're off to a good start but it will take much more than this to get us thru the winter....

Even with using the fireplace, we will still use nearly 600 gal of propane....and that's just for heat!
John will be home this turns out that there's only one toy run this weekend which is on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to that!

This is Boots....I mentioned him in my last post. The cousin that bought him was gonna call him Spooks...(her other horse is Casper but he's a white horse) we've been callin' him boots since he's got four dark legs. I bring him out of the pasture to feed so the other horses won't bully him for the grain. I'm SO not a horseman but I know enough that if he doesn't get some weight on, he may not make it thru the winter. Any suggestions on takin' care of this little guy would be welcomed.

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