Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello again world...

I'm back to blogland! I was here before as Hess Homestead Happenings....but when I signed on with Facebook, I deleted the blog, thinking it would be easier to keep up with just the one site....well that site is slow as molasses and I'm sure my slow dial up doesn't help, so I'm back....this seems to be a little speedier!

I don't remember where I left off with my last posting but here's what's been going on in the past few weeks....

We just took a bike trip to the Bikes Blues & BBQ rally in Fayetteville Arkansas. We had a GREAT time! We have our hotel reservation for next years already! That's what ya gotta do to get a good room! There were SO MANY people and SO MANY bikes! So many that I didn't even get pics of some of the things that would of been nice to have. I did get some pics of our group!

We had talked ourselves out of trading bikes since we'd just gotten the Heritage all changed out how we wanted it. Then after our trip, John is browsing Ebay when he finds this Street Glide. Long story short...we ended up selling one to buy the other. I'll have to post a pic of the new one later! There are a few changes we need to make on it....like a bigger seat! We had just put a bigger one on the Heritage and it was SO comfortable!
We had our first toy run of the year this last Saturday in Columbia...to benefit the Salvation Army.

Besides that I've been servin' up chili at the church chili/soup dinner. A small group of us gals from church went to see 'Steel Magnolias' at the Maples Repertory theatre in Macon. A shopping day with my sister-in-law and already ready for another shopping day. Hmm....maybe instead of staying home tomorrow.....NO! I really must work at home tomorrow! And my sister hosted a family weiner roast/hayride last weekend.

So that's about it....besides the usual...cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and keeping up with all the animals around here. It is SO different walking outside and not having Bear there to greet us. We are down to just two cats outside...Belle, the ol' gray mama cat and one of her youngin's, Story....I know...strange name. John likes that for a girl but since I didn't see us havin' anymore, he had to settle with givin' that name to a cat! And here she is.....all curled up in a no longer used water pan...

We have a few new additions to the horse pasture too....a pair of mules and a colt. None of them are ours. John's dad and uncle bought the mules then a cousin bought the colt and brought him here to be with her other horse. We just take care of all of them. The colt is still quite young...my brother guessed around 5 months? We're tryin' to get some weight on him before winter comes...I'll have to post a pic of him later too! He's so sweet!
Oh...and look at this! I FINALLY got a fall wreath hung up out front and it took less than 24 hrs for this thing to plant itself there...can you see it? A big ol' walkin' stick...with a curled tail...which I've not ever seen on one before.....these things really creep me out....Does anyone know what the purpose of a walking stick is anyways?

So that's it! That's what's been going on in my world. This weekend brings a couple more toy runs and another weiner roast and hayride if time allows!
Hope you are having a great week!!

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