Sunday, October 26, 2008

A good weekend...

Well here it is! The stew I mentioned in my previous post! While the stew simmered away, I made up some homemade had been forever since I've made them....I eat too many when I do so I don't make them very often! And to top them off, I had just bought a jar of fresh local honey! Mmm...Mmm...YUMM-MEEE!!Thanks Lori, for that wonderful stew recipe! I will be putting it in my files as a keeper!
Not only did I get that made as planned, the fireplace pit got cleaned out as well! We didn't completely empty it out but it will be good for a couple years anyways. Briar is SO glad that job is done since he's the one who gets the job of climbing in to scoop the ashes into buckets! And surprisingly enough, there wasn't that much of a mess made in the process! I still need to do a little clean-up inside and the grate needs to be set back in, but we should be good to go when the temps really decide to drop!

That was Saturday!


On Sunday, John and I took part in the annual Trustee's Cycle Shop Toy Run to benefit the Salvation Army and Community Care & Share..can't remember how many years they've been doing this now...but I know it's over 20! Riders bring in canned goods and toys. This year, there were 248 bikes...TWO HUNDRED FORTY EIGHT PLUS passengers! This was our 4th year to ride in this one and each year, the number has increased! More bikes and riders means more for the kids and for those in need!
It's almost time to put the bike away for the more benefit ride that we will participate in, and that's only if the loads fall to where John can come home at least for the day. Saturday, November 1st is the Shiloh Childrens Home benefit ride.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are off to a GREAT week!

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just me. said...

Your stew looks wonderful!!
so happy that you enjoyed my recipe!...your biscuits look yummy too~

my ex and I used to run in the Toys for Tots run in CT ~ loved doing that!!!!

blessed be,
Lori from Notforgotten Farm