Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dreary March Morning....

I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted! I didn't think I'd been THAT busy! I did have a busy weekend....John was home, longer than what he's been for a spell....mercantile open house, I worked parts of all three days & always enjoy it! Friday and Saturday were just beautiful days out....John finally got to get the bike out that's been garaged since last fall!

We woke Sunday morning to clouds & cooler temps....I don't remember when we started to get rain...Sunday afternoon maybe...& it's been gloomy since. Been wanting to walk out around the place & I got to do that this morning....not really what I had in mind...esp when it's cool & drizzly but I had to go look for the colt....still have not found him....I'm waiting to hear back from the owner & get some help to go out and look again....he's not been well & we had him pinned off from the other horses, I went out to check him this morning and he's gone.

Today is a work at home day....have a couple things to alter then I think I'm going to go thru my flower seeds & bulbs....hopefully find some that are still good enough to plant! I don't know how many I've got in there or how long I've had them. Look at this hyacinth! So pretty.... Mmm...smells good too! Sherrie had a variety of plants in for the open house & I just couldn't resist!
Then much later today, I think I'll settle in with my coffee & some needlework. I will one day finish that punch needle project I started weeks ago...it's getting closer tho'. I'm a bit disappointed in this one....after spending the extra money for the recommended hand-dyed floss, I ran short on a couple of the colors but I've decided to improvise using regular floss & it's not lookin' bad at all...in fact, unless you know it's there, you might not even be able to tell it's different! It's a piece that I will probably be keeping for myself....I don't think I could sell it for what I have in it plus my time! From now on, I think I will stick to using regular floss & age the finished piece using my own method....I wasn't that impressed with the $2 per skein hand-dyed.

So what's been going on in your world?

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Shanda said...

I found a very lovely surprise in my mail box and guess who it was from. You are so sweet. It made me feel so special. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope we can meet up one day. I was thinking of asking you if you might be interested in going to something called Cave days down near lake ozark and pretty close to versallies. It is a twice a year 4 day fleamarket and it really gets going by Friday. I have always wanted to go and have nobody to go with. Not everybody enjoys fleamarkets and sifting through jusk and boxes. It is a catch all firld market. Antiques, chickens, coon dogs, I've heard that any and everything is there. It is a pretty big deal and they have it also during the versallies apple fest in the fall. I would love to give it a try. If we don't likie it, we don't have to go back. If you will drive to my town, I will meet you and drive from there. I will emaikl you my phone number in the following days and maybe we can plan it if you are at all interested. It will be in May.
Have a good week, stay warm and send me some sunshine.

ps. I hardly ever throw out flower seeds and very sloppily save them from year to year with pretty good success. I just throw them in an old avon box and sit them in the basement. Marth acts like you have to handle them like necular waste or something or they will go bad. Ha! She is so anal, but I still love her.