Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Ramblin'...

Hello All! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Nothin' excitin' here...I went to Columbia, picked Denni up just so we could visit while I shopped for supplies. It wasn't a long day, I was home early & I ended up curlin' up in my chair, actually found a couple of good movies on tv & punched the afternoon/evening away! Didn't quite get finished with it so I picked it up again on Sunday & guess what?!

Yep! I finally finished it!! I still need to do something with the foundation fabric...put some stain to it & decide how I'm goin' to finish it but at least the punchin' is done!!

Now on to the next project!! I'm thinkin' maybe a little bit of cross stitch? I need to get some things done to put in my Etsy shop!


I worked at home today....I brought home a couple of projects from work & my goal for the day was to get them done! I had me an audio book so popped that in & started sewin'! The first one didn't take long but the second one I knew would take a good portion of the day! It took 5 hours or so...but it's done! Whew!


It was really nice out today & I've heard tomorrow the same or a bit warmer! I hope so!

Hope you have a most wonderful day!!

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Shanda said...

Sounds like you have been busy finishing up your projects. The punch project is really pretty. I hope you show how you finish it. Will it be a pillow front?

The sun is already warm and pretty here, I need to get my butt outside and off this computer. Spring seems to be happening fast it seems. The almanac says it is going to be a cold spring. I think it is wrong.

I am not sure when the Jacobs cave days are in May. I will try to find out.
Don't work to hard this week,