Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday ~ Wednesday

It was such a beautiful day out yesterday! John was home so we took the afternoon off & got the bike out! It was wonderful! I think we took off somewhere around noon & got home around 8! I was beat when we got home. John had to go to work for a few hours.....Today, we stayed in & took it easy! The day started out really nice but by early afternoon, the sky turned gray & now it's raining!

A dreary afternoon & evening....a good day for staying in! I've been piddlin' with a little of this & that today from laundry to alterations. I am SO out of whack with this counted cross-stitch thing! It's been years since I've worked that....but I'm gettin' there....keepin' it simple for now!

So what's going on in your world today?


Shanda said...

Hi cinlyn, I made it back with the hutch safly although I did run through a little rain shower. I drove fast so it didn't get very wet at all thank god. The GPS had me take 87 thru Boonville to hwy 5 thru Glassco. It was way up there, but boy did I buy a lot of good stuff from her and so cheap. I also bought an old trunk for 10.00. This lady has gotten into the high dollar china and could care less about the stuff I bought from her. I bought 3 boxes full of valuables for 20.00. I enjoyed the trip up there, if I knew you were so close I would have taken you along. You would've liked her early bird sale. No one shopping but me.
Talk later,

Shanda said...

Hi Cinlyn, The name is Sweet Buy and Buy and it is located in California, Mo on the main drag through town. I think its still considered hwy 87. Its not all the way out on fifty. Its right across from a Casey store. It's just a big old junkie store with about 60 renters. You pay for booth rent, no lease, and you can also consign big pieces of furniture to floor space for 20% commission and have 3 months to sell them. I only have a set of shelves rented and I pay 25.oo per month. I am making alittle just off of thrifty finds. I bought everything yesterday, hutch, trunk, and all the goodies for 80.00. I thought a pretty good deal. She had a lot more and it was cheap, but I was out of room and had a truck full of dogs. I was afraid of buying to muck glass ware. D thought I should go back today and buy more, he was as excited as I was. Usually he gets bored with my thrifty finds and starts to roll his eyes. LOL