Friday, March 13, 2009

Working from home....progress!

It always feels SO good to me when I've gotten a job....or two or three...done! I spent yesterday at home working on a few things I'd had sitting for awhile and gosh it felt good when they were done! I set my goal for the day and I made it! I wish I could do that every day, but that's one of the disadvantages or advantages to being able to work from home! I still have yet to finish that darned punch needle project....maybe this weekend?!! I started to bring out a new project yesterday....a counted cross-stitch, something I've not done in forever! but I caught myself before I started to dig out the supplies! I'm going to finish this one first! It's almost there!

So what is on your agenda for the weekend? I picked up a movie....'Rachel Getting Married'....think I'll watch that while I punch tonight! Tomorrow morning, I think I'll meet up with Denni in Columbia & pick up a few needed supplies. And of course church on Sunday!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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