Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still cold...but the sun is shinin'!

It's still so cold out, but at least the sun is shining.
I was fine with the cold as long as it was cold and stayed cold...but after having 70+ degrees last week I am so more than ready for summer....more than I was before!
Well, I found the colt yesterday....after walkin' down to the creek, by the pond, thru the woods and all around, once back to the house with no luck in finding him, I walk around to the back side of the house one more time and lo and behold there he was! In the pasture just grazin' away! Where was he the last time I looked down that way?! He looked to be feeling better by then...his eyes were much brighter than they had been the day before! Poor little back to the little pen we him all resituated and he's doing fine and still there...he didn't escape!

Since I took Lucy with me on my little hike, we decided to take little Ruger on his first little adventure to the woods! My goodness he loved it! If Lucy ran thru it, so did Ruger. If Lucy jumped over it, so did Ruger! Too cute! Of course, he doesn't know he's not as big as Lucy and he just about landed IN the creek rather than on the other side! LOL
Can't wait for all that brown to turn green!

While I was workin' on the pen, five geese came in to the pond....rarely do they land in ours when the neighbors across the road have a much, much larger pond....they came in with such a splash, they got Lucy's attention...she sat down and didn't take her eyes off them til I took her in!

Needless to say, my day didn't go according to planned yesterday. After spending 2-1/2 hours outside, by the time I got Lucy cleaned up then myself, the day was half over and I was beat. I sat down to work and I just couldn't focus! I did start on part of the alterations....and I did go thru my bulbs & seeds....whew! I've got quite a collection! Not sure all the bulbs are usable...guess it won't hurt nothin' to pop them in the ground or some soil and see what happens tho' huh?! Since today was grocery/errand day, not sure I'll get back to the alterations....that just might be my Thursday work since I don't plan on leavin' the place tomorrow!

Hope you are having a GREAT week!!


Lori said... me Grace all ya want!
I'll tell ya, I thought i was gonna break something for sure!

Ruger is THEE cutest little guy! and Lucy looks like she's teaching him the ropes !

that Bike is beautiful...sure do miss being on the back of Harley!


Lori said...

well, that SHOULD have said A HARLEY!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
*gigglesnort* !!