Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Good day all!!
Yesterday, my sil, Debbie, was needing a couple of recipes, so that took me to my little collection of cookbooks. I love cookbooks! So, I thought I'd share with you a couple that I have in my collection...given to me by my Aunt Evelyn, my Mom's sister.
The red covered book was put out in 1950 by the 'Willing Workers Club' of Prairie Hill, MO and it's much like many of the ones that groups/organizations put together today. The brown covered one, put together by the 'Ladies of the Presbyterian Church' of Keytsville, MO and their friends.

Of course, it being an older book, I find it much more the recipes aren't written out as in the 1950 book or as in the books we use today. I can't find a date or year...the first couple of pages are gone.

Advertising is throughout the book, which I also find interesting. Recipes written in paragraph form with measurements written out rather than numbers/fractions and no abbreviations.

Several blank pages throughout for adding your own recipes. The written one shown above is a quick roll recipe and there's also an added Molassaes Cookies w/out egg. A Devils Food Cake and Cake Filling. Mrs. Field 15 minutes Cucumber Pickles. And there are a few other recipes tucked into pages that had been clipped from the newspaper.

There are recipes for not only punch but also for "Beef Tea" and "Grape Wine". There is a canning section with a chart for canning certain fruits and vegetables. And besides the usual cakes, breads and pies, there are recipes for soap. Uses for salt and so many other household tips!

Here's a recipe for Caramel Pie as submitted by Mrs. L.L. Gorden...

Yolks of two eggs, two tablespoons flour, one tablespoon butter, one cup sweet milk, one cup brown sugar. Mix and cook until thick; pour into a baked pie crust. Beat whites of the eggs and spread on top.

I love cookbooks.....old and new...they are all interesting to sit and read....I have cookbooks from churches, schools, work groups, family cookbooks, Amish and Gooseberry Patch, Taste of Home, diabetic cookbooks, canning....I love them all! I'll share more from this old one over these next few days....I think you will find some of these things as interesting as I do. Oh, and yes, I did find the recipes she was needing!

Now I must get busy.....lots to do today!! Have a great day!!!


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

So neat! I love old cookbooks too. It's so interesting to see how recipes have changed over the years. I, for one, am glad they're in the format we follow now. :)

And ... beef tea? Ew.

Denni said...

What?? How'd you get those - I'm going to have to have a talking to our mother! I keep getting jipped!