Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Ramblin'.....I'm still here.....

I think the last time I posted, John and I were about to head down to the lake to visit a friend. Our friend, Mitch, has a little lakefront place on Lake of the Ozarks. Once we got there, we visited a bit, he gave a little tour of his house and had a lunch of BLT's! We took the pontoon out around the lake a few times...a short one then a couple of more lengthy ones. Grilled steaks for supper and just visited! It was a really nice time....I didn't have to do a thing! I did help fix the meals but it was just that...help! It wasn't totally up to ME to do it! So I really had a mini-vacation there! We came home on Monday....with a little detour at the lake mall on the way! Then it was back to work. Yard work, laundry, grocery shopping....I want another vacation!

Not an exciting week....just the same ol' same ol'. Last Friday was SO nice that I shut our A/C down and opened up the windows! Ahhh.....and I'm still enjoying it! It got almost a little too warm yesterday afternoon but we stuck it out since they're saying only 75 degrees along with the rain they're calling for today. I want to enjoy all I can 'cause when I shut the house up again, it will most likely be for the remainder of the summer since hayfever season is right around the corner.

I finished five aprons last week...they are available at Randolph Mercantile! Look at this one...it's a pasta print. Wouldn't that be neat to tuck into a pasta pot, along with a bag of pasta and bottle of olive oil for a nice bridal shower or hostess gift?
I'm still working away at my 'Homeplace at Christmas' counted cross stitch...I'm anxious to finish this one up because I just got a new chart in the mail from Notforgotten Farm! I am SO enjoying working on counted cross stitch again!
Some time ago, I went thru my things, realizing that I couldn't do it all...I needed to get back to the basics...fabric, thread, needle....I don't think I could ever settle on just one thing....even though I still find myself overwhelmed at all the possibilites that just basic supplies can bring, I have my choice of works to do in a day! Sit at the sewing machine? Counted cross-stitch? Punch needle? Which I still have a punchin' project in the works but I've gotten so involved in the x-stitch project, it got set aside!!

Today will be a sewing machine day. I brought home a little homework....hemming a bridesmaid dress... a full three layers! So that's how I'll be spending my day today and I guess the sooner I get to it, the sooner it gets done! Right?

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I know ... I cannot BELIEVE this weather! It was in the low 70s here all last week. Unprecedented! I wish it would stay like this until September when I have the baby - that would be God's gift to a pregnant woman, LOL.