Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been awake since 4:30 a.m...I went out to shut the back porch windows when it sounded like rain. So rather than toss and turn trying to get back to sleep, I thought I'd read thinking it would make me drowsy. Haha...didn't happen. Finally at 6:00 I just decided to get up. Ugh! I think my allergies are tryin' to kick in full force!

Well I had a GREAT weekend! Had a 'Girl's Night In' with all my sisters! We got up early Saturday morning, hit the Panera Bread for coffee...Marsha and I MUST have our coffee, and Sonic for the non-coffee drinkers...and off to Kansas City we went! A day full of shopping and fun! I didn't have anything particular on my list of things to look for but I managed to find a few things, including a flying geese triangle for a little quilt project I want to try!

This pattern is from the Wednesday, February 6, 1935 edition of The Kansas City Star called Old Fashioned String Quilt. The fabrics are last months FQ Civil War medley of the month from Keepsake Quilting.

On Sunday, I finally made it out to check on my garden and I'd let a couple of zucchini's get a little too big, so I've got to do something with them....make bread, mock apple pie or just grate them and put in the freezer for later use! And I'm finally getting tomatoes....Nothin' like a garden fresh tomatoe!

Just a regular ho-hum day here today....have a few errands to run and a couple projects I need to finish up and I need to clean that back porch....it's overrun with stray threads, fabric remnants and sewing notions strung from one end of the table to the other! I need to find some order out there!

Well, since I've been awake for 4 hours now and on this computer for 2 of them, I suppose I'd better get off here and get on with my day!

Hope you all have a GREAT day!!

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