Saturday, July 4, 2009

Honey....I'm home! Happy 4th of July!

Did ya miss me? Yes....I was gone...for nearly a week! I left on Monday with John in the truck....went to Iowa, then to Wisconsin then down to Oklahoma then on to Texas. We got home just this morning so now I'm playing catch up! Laundry going, Lucy bathed, done some house cleaning...a little rearranging, which I'll get into in a I'm taking a break. The coffee pot just beeped so I'm going to settle down with a cup of coffee and catch up in blogland!
It has been quite the week. I mentioned in a previous post that Ely and Liz were staying with us due to plumbing issues. Well, they found out this week that the man that started the repair job can't finish until August. They don't own the house so it's not their call to make. I won't go into details....too long! Anyways, needless to say, they will be with us for awhile longer. Which is why I had to do a little rearranging. I wanted to bring my computer back to the kitchen and shift some of my sewing things to the back porch so they could use their old room. They are looking for a house to buy and have found one that they are really interested in, so keep your fingers crossed that all works out for the best for them.
And you all know my Lucy black lab....she got hit by a car the other night. Not serious, but enough to give her a good roll and scraped her up a bit. What an ordeal! We have two pups outside that we let run during the day but we kennel them at night. I don't know what happened that led up to this, but the neighbor dog came over and got to the pups, when the kids went out to see what was going on, Lucy tore out of the house and chased him back across the road and when she was coming back home, she got hit. Poor girl....that's twice now! She's fine...she was SO glad to see me this morning! John and the boys are making fun 'cause the boys said she's been doin' just fine, walkin' around and that I'm home, she's favorin' one of her hind legs to get mama's sympathy.
When I go with John, I usually take along some sort of hand work. I work while we are waiting to be loaded or unloaded or while John's napping. I divided my time with a counted cross stitch project and a punch needle project. I'll share them with you once they are finished, which will be soon, I hope!
I do enjoy going out in the truck with John...the time together...time away from home....but even with all the catch up work, it is always good to get back home.

I'd mentioned some aprons in a previous post. I did get them finished and they are available at the Randolph Mercantile. I thought I'd share pics with you....

I just love how all of them turned out and hope to get some more made soon to list on Etsy! So if you are interested, be watching!
So what has been going on in your world this past week?! What are you doing to celebrate Independence Day?!
You see what I'm doing! I'm not sure if we will venture out to any gatherings or not.
Whatever you do....have fun and be safe!!

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Denni said...

Glad Lucy is okay....aprons turned out CUTE! I'll have to come by one night this week for dinner & to see Miss Lucy (and you too of course)