Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Housekeepers Alphabet

Taken from the old cookbook I mentioned yesterday. Some of these things are tried and still hold true today...but there are some that I think I'd be a little skeered to using ether, amonia and alcohol at the same time for cleaning a coat! YIKES!! And I don't think I'd be using chloroform either! 'CHLOROFORM'...a toxic, carcinogenic, colorless, volatile liquid, CHC13, with a sweet taste, used as a solvent, fumigant, etc, and, formerly, as a general anesthetic.
Yeah...I'm afraid, and it's not recommended to mix bleach with a I don't think I'll be using either of those tips!
And what is 'FELON'?.... a painful abscess or infection at the end of a finger or toe, near the nail; And do you even want to know what the 'RENNET' is.... 1-a) the membrane lining the stomach of an unweaned animal, esp. the fourth stomach of a calf.
And I might add that 'WHITING' is... powdered chalk used in making paints, inks, etc.

I just thought I'd share that little bit of info before giving you the list.....

  • Apply amonia for orange or lemon juice stains.
  • Burns, apply alum water or soda.
  • Cut warm bread or cake with hot knife.
  • Disinfect sick room with burning coffee.
  • Equal parts of sweet oil, vinegar, and spirits of turpentine make an excellent polish.
  • Felon, apply rennet soaked in milk, nenew until relief is found.
  • Grease spots removed from carpet by using chloroform, or amonia and water.
  • Hot sunshine will remove scorch.
  • Ink spots removed from white goods by soaking in milk or applying lemon juice.
  • Jars holding a pint are more economical for preserves in a small family.
  • Keorosene applied to unused stoves will prevent rust.
  • Lamp burners improved by by boiling in strong soda water or ashes, then rubbed with a fine cleaning soap.
  • Mildew--soap the spots, covering while wet with whiting, lay out in the sun.
  • New iron should be heated gradually to prevent cracking.
  • Orange and lemon peel should be dried, powdered and kept in glass bottles.
  • Pour boiling water upon fruits stains in linens or cotton.
  • Quince seed will make a good curling fluid.
  • Rub men's soiled coats with equal parts ether, amonia and alcohol.
  • Soap is injurious to oil cloth; best cleaned with milk and water.
  • Tinware may be cleaned and brightened by scouring with soda.
  • Use cream and ink for defaced red boots.
  • Variety is the culinary spice.
  • Wheel grease, wash with cold water and soap.
  • Xantippe was a scold; don't imitate her.
  • You should never polish windows while the sun shines on them.
  • Zinc can be cleaned with kerosene.

One more bit of info....if you don't know who 'Xantippe' was.... she was wife of Socrates: the prototype of the quarrelsome, nagging wife.

*Definitions from Webster's New World College Dictionary*

Have a GREAT day!!

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Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

These are so neat! I agree though - I won't be trying most of them any time soon. :)