Sunday, February 20, 2011

They're Here...

The Prewitt Family Cookbook
Filled with delicious recipes like baked potato soup, old settlers baked beans (which is about the only way I would ever eat a lima bean), Fay's hash browns, shrimp gumbo, chicken pot pie, chicken chimichangas, pumpkin sheet cake, chocolate chip cheesecake, applesause drop cookies, and SO many more! Even Grandma's angel food cake recipe.
Mmm....I remember Grandma making that angel food cake with a peanut butter frosting! She raised chickens and I remember a time when they were laying something fierce and had SO many eggs! 
Did you know it takes 12 large egg whites for each cake?
And if you don't have cake flour to use, that you can sift regular all-purpose flour several times (can't remember how many exactly) to get the same effect as cake flour?
Ask me how I know this! LOL

Also filled with pages of the usual helpful hints and tips....from using herbs and spices to how to fold a napkin.

Dedicated to four wonderful people....

Grandpa...Jack Prewitt
June 04, 1925 - October 14, 2003

Grandma...Wilma (Lusby) Prewitt
July 20, 1931 - July 07, 2004

Aunt Marilyn (Prewitt) Beale
September 10. 1961 - April 25, 2009

Uncle Roscoe Garrett
May 18, 1957 - June 29, 1999

All taken way too soon, but I know they all are in a much better place!
The proceeds of this book will be going to help care for the little country cemetary where our loved ones are

If you would like a copy .... $15.00 ppd.... I do accept paypal to:
Enjoy your day!


Denni said...

Can't wait to start using it!!

di2009 said...

I didn't know you were related to Roscoe. We were in school together! I would love to have one of your family's cookbooks. Do you have them at the Mercantile?

Vintage Barn 27 said...

Are you going to post some of the recipes? Would love to make some of your family favorites.