Thursday, August 18, 2011


Do you shop with coupons?
Do you look for items on the store shelves with instant coupons...
...or  rush to the news stands for the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts?
Have you watched the show on extreme couponing?
It all looks and sounds great. 
I know it's called "extreme couponing" for a reason but I've got mixed feelings on this.
I don't know, maybe I missed something in some of the programs....
What grocery stores are they shopping? 
What coupons are coming in their coupon inserts?
I know, clip your coupon and watch the sale circulars for the coupon items to come on sale.
Some grocery stores will double the coupon.
I've got coupons ranging from cosmetics to frozen foods to cleaning products.
I clip/use coupons.
I buy things on sale.
I also buy store brand items.
I like to keep a stocked pantry....
.....on things that I will actually use.
In a timely manner.
When it's time to go shopping,  I make my list.  I'll go through my coupons.  I'll look at the sale ads.
 I'm not finding alot of the sale circulars coinciding with my coupons. 
It's great for those who have the time to do this kind of couponing, but what does it really save you? 
I've heard it said that this is OCD or on the verge of hoarding.
I have seen on some episodes where some items will be donated to charities and that's awesome.

Since watching this show, I've noticed a change in some of the coupons I've been clipping from the Sunday inserts...
The value isn't enough that when doubled the item would be free, even if it is on sale.
They are valid for a short amount of time.  Finding one that might be a year out is rare. I like the companies that will package coupons in/on their product package.
It states on some that you can only redeem a certain number of like coupons at a time.
I really look for stores to change their coupon policies, as well.  I believe I read on one store web site that they will not accept computer printed coupons.

I clip alot more coupons that what I actually use but will continue to clip because every little bit helps!
I just don't have what it takes to be a member of the extreme couponing club.

What are your thoughts on coupons and extreme couponing?


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I love a good deal as much as the next girl, but extreme couponing is exactly that ... extreme! I've seen the show and some of them are all right, but some of them I'm like, "Really? You seriously need 150 bottles of mustard?"

krys kirkpatrick said...

Thanks for the visit. My thoughts on coupons is that I never see coupons for healthy fruits and vegetables. Hoarding is a sickness...period.