Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still in Awe...

Every time I look at her.....I am still in awe.....
She is so beautiful and is such a good baby!

This was taken on the 12th, just one month old...we were waiting to see the doctor.
Before and after the appointment, we done a little girl shopping....

She likes shopping!!!


We got a break from the heat....we actually opened the windows last night!
Enjoy it now before I have to close up again for hayfever season, which is just about here!

Going to church this morning then going to spend the afternoon with stitching in hand.

Enjoy your day!


Shari said...

Baby girls are just the best ever! What a sweetie!

Margaret said...

She is abolsutely beautiful!

di2009 said...

She is absolutely beautiful, and so small!