Sunday, January 29, 2012


So I've been searching for a photo to share with you today but I can't find it....I guess I thought I had it on this computer when saving pics from the other  one.  I thought wrong, apparently.  Glad I haven't gotten rid of that old thing yet!
I've been so sporadic in blogging lately, mainly because I can't decide what I want to blog about, that I decided to give myself some took me how long to figure this out.  Yeah, I had topics planned for Friday and Saturday but, it was a matter of getting the time at the computer.  Generally, if I don't get/take the time early of a morning, I don't get much chance later in the day.
Okay....I found the pic!
So this one was taken a few years ago.
It's my Grandpa & Grandma Summers and my Mama....she was probably 5 or 6? I love this picture.
Grandpa was a construction worker/carpenter/truck driver and knew his way around the kitchen.  Grandma was a seamstress and there wasn't anything she couldn't make.

I don't have to wonder why I can and like to do the things I do.....

Enjoy your day!  


Rita Templeton said...

Awwww, look at little bitty Di! I love this picture.

Have a great Sunday, Cindy! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep I like this one of them, but MY favorite one is the 3 of them standing outside the house - remember that one?