Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Ups & Downs.....

...of working at home.

Do you work at/from home? 
Would love to hear from you and how you manage your  time.

I love being able to stay at home and work from home.
Whether it's housework, alterations work or the fun work as I call it,
I NEVER lack for something to work on.
Most days are productive.
Some days aren't productive at all.
It is easy to have just one of those lazy days.
You know, the ones when if you work outside the home, you'd  call in because the motivation just isn't there?
That's one of the down sides to working at home.  The up side to that is, I don't have to "call in".

Today I am struggling.
What to do?
I have a small mountain of alterations to do.
I have the usual household things to do.
I have a "spare" room that needs to be revamped.  (Yeah, I know, I've whined about that here before)
I have closets that need to be cleaned out.
Chores outside.
So what do I do?
I sit down here with my cup of coffee. 
 Putting it all off a little while longer. 

SO many distractions.
Another down side to working at home.
When I work away from home...I do just that...work.
I'm focused on the task at hand and it gets done.
It's not put off because I've been distracted by any number of other things.
I think it was easier for me to keep up on household things when working outside the home because I knew my time at home was limited.

Now that the holiday hoop-lah is over, we are gradually getting back into a somewhat normal routine.
Two more days of Christmas break before Rylee is back.
Everyone else that lives in this house is at work for the next several hours so it's
time to get busy...I'll start with picking up the house...
what doesn't get done today will be here waiting tomorrow.
Yeah, that's another up and down to working at home.
Thanks for "listening"!

Enjoy your day!

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I'll trade ya!! :-)