Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I've Been Working On...

It took me longer than planned, but I've finally finished Mothie and her cat and they will be making their appearance on Etsy later today.  As I look at the photo, I think I want to make a couple slight changes/additions to them before I list them in my shoppe though.
The last time I was at a fabric store, while there were many bolts of fabric calling my name, I decided that I wasn't going to buy anymore until I made a serious dent in the stash I already have. (And with the stash that I have, I think it's going to be a long while before I'm buying anymore fabrics) ..... So, Monday, I took some time to use up several pieces by cutting out three aprons and I hope to start sewing on them today. 
There are some generous scrap pieces leftover, perfect for some small quilt projects.
I did finally get the spare room revamped, but  I'm still tweaking so no photo's yet!
I don't know how I got everything to fit in there!  A large three-door cupboard that stores my fabrics & some supplies, a queen-size bed, a baby bed, small chest of drawers, sewing machine cabinet and work table.
It is a little cramped  but I can work in there and that is "sew" much nicer than dragging it all out to the kitchen table.
Time to get busy.....

Enjoy your day!

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