Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rotary Cutters & Mats.....

A few of my favorite things from the sewing room...
I think these were designed for quilters when the strip quilting method came into play however many years ago it was, and while I did purchase my first mat & cutter to cut y2k quilt charms(that's a whole other story),  I've used these tools in so much more... from quilt cutting to clothing construction & alterations to crafting.
I love the ease of cutting multiple layers, not to mention the speed and the smooth even edges for more precise construction of the project.

I'm getting the itch to do a little quilting project, but I have some alterations to do first.  I've got a suit coat that needs sleeves shortened.  Not my most favorite thing to do....if only they could invent a tool to make that easier and faster!

Enjoy your day!

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