Saturday, August 3, 2013


Since seeing them being made on The American Baking Competition I've been wanting to try making them myself. I don't know why I thought they would be so difficult. They really weren't.  I won't share a recipe yet as I had one recipe but also done studying of others so I done a little adjusting and adding to the one I had. They taste good and the texture is good but I need to adjust the salt and work on my shaping.
While I like how these came out, I'll continue to research recipes and try different flavors.
Hmm...what next?

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di2009 said...

Cindy: I have been making bagels for 20 years now. I have a simple and very low fat recipe I use. I have not perfected the look of the silly things yet. We like them with smoked turkey and mustard around the holidays, but they are also good for breakfast. I have never experimented with other flavors since my family loves the plain ones so much. They are much easier than people think, kinds of fun to make!