Saturday, August 3, 2013


As I hit the publish button I remembered an entry that Aunt Evelyn made in her book about Bread.

"Nothing was better on Friday after school than to walk in the house & smell bread baking. The first thing you do is grab a knife & the butter, a loaf of bread and head for the kitchen table.
Bread making meant much kneading and working of the dough. Grandma made enough to last a week.
In the early 19 hundreds a bread maker put on the market. It was metal. The cover had a cross bar with a hook. You had only to heat the amounts of water, oil & milk & heat it. Pour it in the pail. Then add honey, yeast & flour. Then turn the handle for 3 minutes, then let it rise in the pail. Turn the handle once or twice so the dough would stick to the kneader. Remove the dough. Cut into 4 pieces. Place in bread pan. Let it rise & bake.
Now there are bread makers that you use. It is not as much trouble as the first. It does everything.
My grandmother didn't have the money to buy a bread maker so she did it the regular old way. With as much bread as she made I wish she could have had a bead maker had they had them."


di2009 said...

I absolutely love making homemade bread. I love the feel of the dough in my hands, so I don't much want to use a bread machine. Kneading dough is therapeutic!

Cinlyn said...

Same here Diana. I do love using my mixer to incorporate it all but still need to knead it!