Friday, August 9, 2013

Busy week...

Sitting on my front porch having my coffee and realize it's Friday already. It seemed to have started out a slow week even though it's been a busy one. It started with picking blackberries...a friend is in the beginning stages of a "you pick" blackberry patch. Well it's off to a very good start. Liz and I took Rylee and  our three small cousins (Michael, Zalan & Zoey) who she is keeping this week, to pick blackberries. We picked just 4 gallons and I got them all cleaned and in the freezer. But of course I had to hold out a couple of cups for a lazy day cobbler!
The owl is in my punchin' hoop and I've been punchin' on it when I get a few minutes inbetween all the other things going on.
Had a women's meeting at church this week, something I've not been real committed to the past few years and gonna try to do better this year.
And yesterday....oh boy! I had to go to Columbia. And I had time. I went to Hobby Lobby. I needed just a couple things to finish up projects. I made the mistake of looking through the bolts of clearances fabrics. Then while waiting for my selections to be cut some other fabrics caught my eye that I thought would make a really cute apron. I kinda broke my rule but yet I DO have specific projects in mind for ALL of these and they're not just going into my fabric stash.
So what to do today? I have a suit coat needing sleeves shortened and as much as I want to work on other things, that must be done before anything else.
What's been going on in your world this week?

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