Monday, December 22, 2008

How was your weekend?

COLD! That's how my weekend was!! Enjoyable but cold!
It's been a chore keeping the fireplace going all has been SO cold that even having it going, the heat has been setting at 72* and it has still been kicking on! Usually the fireplace alone has us running around the house in t-shirts! It's THAT cold here! You can't hardly see the fire in this pic but it's goin' pretty good!

John got in Friday evening and while he helped some friends cut wood on Saturday, I made what I thought was my last trip in to Wal Mart....wrong! That evening, John and I went to Home Depot where he got part of my Christmas over the range microwave to replace the one we have that went out probably 4 years ago! Didn't get in a hurry to replace it since I had a little countertop model to use. He knows it's not very personal but he knew how badly I was wanting to replace the old one. My bil came down Sunday to switch them out for all the counter space I have now! It's amazing the difference of one small microwave! We did this Saturday because he left out this morning and won't be back home til sometime Christmas morning.
Worked on a little quilting project this weekend...inspired by a few blogs I've been visiting of late.

I started out with a FQ bundle I picked up on my Illinois trip last month... in progress...actually working on two of them...

...And the finished piece!

I became interested in quilting years ago when my quilt shop owner cousin got me involved the the Y2K quilt charm exchange in 1999. I swapped "squishies" or "charms" with people all over the country and around the world. Those charms still sit in their little squishie packets in my hall closet waiting to be pieced together! I've looked at them many times over the years and I become so overwhelmed that they end up getting put back in the closet. I had also participated in other swaps and have pieced some of the squares together but without a finished product in the end.
Then someone introduced me to the Jennifer Chaiverinni's 'Elm Creek Quilters' book series. That did it! I started piecing quilt blocks...but finished them as small quilts or table mats such as this one shown. And I'm content with the smaller projects as such...maybe one day I will actually do a quilt but not too soon!

After getting my kitchen back in order yesterday, I got started on some goodie making and made up some more once I got back home from a couple appointments and yet another trip to Wal Mart earlier today.

So that's been my world this weekend...I'm gonna go hop in my jammies and curl up by that fire and work on some handstitchin'! What's going on in your world?


Shari said...

It just sounds way to cold to even visit you in blogland. I'll try not to gloat when I tell you it's going to be 80 here today. It does mean a hot Christmas though and after nearly 20 years I'm still not used to it.

I love the idea of one block mini quilts. This way you get to try designs and colours and actually finish it off.

Hope you have a warm and cozy Christmas!
Hugs Shari

laurie in maine said...

10 days ago I pulled my pile of Y2K blocks & unopened Squishies out and began working on them. ta-dah?!!
(I finished my Y2K quilt top -
12/23...08 ;)

Searched blogger for other y2k quilt memories and there's yours all fresh and new! I laid mine out on the floor and then had to remember to breathe deep breaths ...instead of shoving back in the box.

Happy Holidays ;)