Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh my goodness...IT'S COLD!!

Just made a trip down to the pond to bust ice for the horses! Bhurrr!!! Grained them while I was out there & done a couple other chores ... now I'm back in and I'm in to stay for the night! Worked & ran a few errands today... not really feelin' up to par today so I done up the MUST-HAVES for today and brought a suit home to work on tomorrow. I hope to be in for the day and I don't know that I plan to do anything other than work on the suit...although there is PLENTY to do around here.

My sister had her surgery yesterday. I've not had a chance to REALLY talk to her but as far as I know now, everything went okay. She'd told them at the hospital she wanted to go home last night but they talked her into staying over...which I was so glad for. My folks talked to her husband earlier and they were home but she was napping so I'm putting off calling til a bit later. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.

Our nephew is out of CICU and moved to a regular room now....doing better than he was but still a ways from getting to go home. His regular CF visits are 2 weeks and they are talking longer than that now with this pneumonia. Did I spell that right?

One week til Christmas...are you ready? I not quite there yet....handmades to finish and goodies to make. John won't be home this weekend so I guess I'll stay in where it's warm and dry and be busy!

Well that's all for now. What's going on in your world this week?

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Shari said...

It sounds way too cold for me there! But love the idea of being cozy and warm inside...
It's going to be about 85 today although the breeze is still cool this morning. Will make some brownies perhaps and wrap a few presents...
Thoughts are with you and your family with prayers for your sister and nephew.