Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday ramblin'...

Nothin' excitin' goin' on here this weekend. I picked John up yesterday mornin'....we hit the Wal-Mart before headin' back home & I bought the needed ingredients for several holiday goodies!
Our oldest youngin' has moved out this weekend...he & his girlfriend. I know.....but there are alot worse things they could be doin' than shackin' up! She's been livin' with us for the past year anyways!
It was so nice today..windy, but nice...I think my Jeep said 64* at one point! The weatherman said that rain would move in around 3:00 this aft...& I'll be darned if he wasn't right on! Not only rain...but temp dropping's supposed to be 18* tonight?!! YIKES!!The guys spent most of today cuttin' wood.....we've not been usin' the fireplace the past few days cause the pile had gotten too low so we should be back in business....they got a good amount brought up before the rain started this afternoon!
I'm supposed to take my Mom to an eye appt tomorrow! If it's too bad she'll cancel or John will go along with and drive. We need to go see our nephew who's been put in ICU....Erik, who is a CF patient, was taken to the hospital early early Saturday morning. prayer warriors...add him to your prayer list if you would please!!

I brought home a few things from work...and I've got my goodie ingredients so if it gets too bad, I've got plenty to keep me busy! I've also got that bedroom to fill up! Ely still has a few things in there but there's enough moved out that I've got plenty of space in there to set up a work table or two. Our youngest was wanting to use that room as his extra room for hunting supplies and such, but I've informed him it will be my workroom! I need that bad! That will also make our bedroom larger since I have a sewing cabinet and fabric cupboard back there that can be moved to this room!
Oh...I want to share a link with may have already gotten it thru your own email but I'll post anyways....
I hope that works! All kinds of Christmas cookie recipes!! Just click on a recipe and there it is!!
Well, I'd better move along for this evening....hope you all have had a nice weekend!!


Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Hi Cindy

Just hopped over from the Bee Friends blog to check out your blog and catch up!

Good to know you a little better.


Shanda said...

How are you liking all this slippery white stuff? I went into town today and it was a slippery mess and our school concert was cancelled tonight. I did get a little shopping done.