Saturday, December 27, 2008

A little ramblin' today...

Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Yep...John made it home Christmas morning so that was gift enough for me but of course my kiddo's thought differently...Ely & Liz got me a set of Paula Deen cookware that I've had my eye on and Briar got me a massage! After opening our gifts, I made a big breakfast which my bil/sil joined us for. Then we pretty much spent a quiet day at home. We went in to my other bil/sil's for a short bit in the evening but we weren't gone long.

In the 22 yrs we've been married, this is the first year there hasn't been a BIG Hess family Christmas.

The pets sure enjoyed Christmas....Lucy got a new "bone"...which wasn't solid like I thought and it's pretty much gone she's chewed on it so much.

Harley...yes, he's become and indoor cat too!... found the wrapping paper more fun to play with than their little toys!

Then Clyde played with the little catnip mouse long enough, he finally called it a day and slept all afternoon in this box w/tissue paper as a cover!
I worked for a little while yesterday & ran a couple errands. Today is a quiet day at home...puttering around. John has to go back out...will make a couple runs then be home New Years Day & planning to take a little time off then. It's like a spring day here rather than winter. It was so warm yesterday, we went to bed with a window open but we were awakened sometime in the wee hours by high winds and rain. This morning there were tornado warnings out for the counties just south & east of us! John & Briar just came back from town and said that our road is flooded in parts. The temp is supposed to drop tonight and calling for snow then back up to the 40's tomorrow. Ugh!! Only in Missouri!
So how was your Christmas? What's going on in your world? Making plans for 2009?

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Shanda said...

We always get our pets a Christmas treat too. We enjoy so much, watching them open their gifts. How about this weather, I slept with the window open all night long the other night. It was so hot with all the winter bedding on that I actually slept on top of the comforter also. Wasn't it colder than a witches tit last week????? I had to be out in it on the friday night that is was like 14 below. Whew boy. It burned the inside of my nose so bad. I like the quilt square you made, you are braver than I. I woukld like to quilkt, but don't even know where to start and I have been known as not the most patience sewer. I like to try to sew without using pins or ironing any seems. lol. That takes to much time to do all that ya know. What are yoiu all doing on New Years eve. We usually stay home and have a few friends over. My party days have passed me by I think. I hate hangovers worse than anything. SOOOOOOO not worth it to me.
Happy New Year to you and yours,