Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Before & after....

My sil told me I needed help! I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!! That's what I told her! Ha! What does she know?! Just because I buy fabric, sometimes using it in a project...sometimes not...sometimes letting it sit for 10 years in a cupboard because I'm going to have a chair reupholstered someday...buying faux fur to make bears...someday...THAT DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE A PROBLEM! Does it look & sound like I have a problem to you?!! Well.....does it?

LOL....seriously! I am so bad! I just started taking armfuls from the cupboard and tossin' them on the floor of my new room...that would FORCE me to finish the task! And the thing is, I've been going thru and weeding out fabric & supplies on a pretty regular basis over the past couple years & I STILL have all this! And that's not even all of it cause I'd already started sorting when I decided to take the pic! it is AFTER! I've still got a small stack of fat quarters tucked over in a basket...just a small handful. I'd say I done pretty good. I've got to pick up a small cubby box I've had my eye on at the mercantile tomorrow for the small rolls you see on top of the table. It's one of those things that I knew it would have a purpose but until I knew for sure what it would be I wasn't going to buy it! Now I know the purpose & it's still available!

I got my room painted shoulder is thanking me for it today...not to mention my leg where I fell off the step stool & my head where the cedar chest lid fell on me while trying to dig out a new curtain rod I had stashed in there....this redecorating is dangerous work around here...I'm not sure I'll survive the remaining bedroom & two baths that have yet to be done!

I also wanted to share this with you. I used to work counted cross stitch all the time! I came across this yet again today while clearing out my fabric cupboard. This was a featured free pattern in the Country Cross-Stitch magazine years ago...back in let's see...1987-88...somewhere in there....I believe it was called Amid Amish Life. I'm sure I finished it sometime in 1989-99? All these has just been tucked away. I have written down the design measurements to see about frames & mats but I've not gotten anything yet. I might just bite the bullet & take it somewhere & let a professional do it! I will be more expensive but it will at least get done! I could buy the stuff to do might fit, it might might get might not!

I have yet to clear out this closet & get some sort of storage system up in there for the rest of my junk... John will be home tomorrow & we'll be running errands so I probably won't get much done so I best get back to sorting out the rest of my supplies tonight!

Hope y'all are havin' a great week & keepin' warm!