Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Ramblin'....

Hi All!! Hope you're having a great week! We've had a couple of really nice days here in our part of Missouri. Even with the rain today, the 60+ temp was great! I think the temp is supposed to drop though thru the night...but it is almost March & it will be spring soon! I am SO ready for warm days & sunshine! I'm ready for a walk thru the woods & I'm even ready to start playin' in the dirt out in the flower beds!
I just listed this little mini-quilt to my etsy shop this morning! It's hard to see in this photo, but there are outlines of chickens all through the red fabric.

And speaking of chickens...mine have sure been likin' this weather....they've been out struttin' their stuff...& venturing out further from the barn! Take a look at "John Wayne"...that's what I call him...he's my biggest rooster....LOOK at the spurs on him! Gosh I sure hope he stays a nice rooster!

Not alot going on in my little world right now...I'm just tryin' to finish up a few little projects I've started to get them either listed on etsy or out to the mercantile. Speaking of which, I was going to take pics when I stopped in yesterday but Sherrie was adding some finishing touches so I decided to wait! So maybe first of the week I'll get some taken and posted! It's SO awesome...hope to see you at the open house NEXT weekend!!
Have a GREAT Friday!


Shanda said...

Feb did seem to fly by. I am going to try to paint tom and I am finishing up projects too and gonna call it a winter and not feel guilty on stuff not done. I will need something to do this winter. I was lov'in yesterday. I worked outside all day digging up bushes. The ground was so dry and workable, we really needed this rain. dread to see the possible snow coming our way though. It can't last for much longer, thats the good thing. Do you like flowers too? I am a total flower freak.

Lori said...

what a handsome rooster-boy!!! and yes, he looks like he can kick some butt with those spurs!!! wowzers!!!

I got your bday card today, thanks so much!!! ~ Oh! and I added your blog to my list...
thanks for always being so friendly and chatty with me!!!

xoxoxox to you!!!!