Monday, March 15, 2010

Another RoadTrip...

...but this time, it was in the truck with John! He was coming thru the house on his way to West Chicago to unload Friday afternoon...then up to Milwaukee to reload coming back to our area for Sunday night so I hopped in the truck with him.  And what a trip!  When I'm out with him, very seldom do we ever get to go off route because you just can't take that big ol' truck anywhere not to mention having the time.  Well, this weekend, our friend, Ed, who lives in Milwaukee was home, so he picked us up from the truck stop and we puttered around for the day with him.  Our first stop was Holy Hill...The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary.  Absolutely beautiful!  This photo doesn't do it justice as it was a cloudy and drizzly day. No, I'm not Catholic but I still enjoyed seeing this church...this place... just the same.  I would really like to visit again, on a much warmer day, to take the pilgrim walk.
Our next stop was a store called Penzeys....Penzeys Spices Every spice you can imagine....salts, peppers, spices, herbs, can visit their site for all kinds of information...stories, recipes, nutritional information......I've not visited the site yet since I brought home a catalog, but surely you could sign up for their catalog and email list.
Then, on to a little Italian market....Glorioso's.  Oh my goodness...pasta, sausage, salami, wine, cheese and so much more.....Mmmm.....Yeah, I came home and cooked Italian for dinner!  My husband and his sense of humor, the girls at the register (owners daughters? I believe) wanted to take him home!  Ha! That's a first!
We found a quaint little Chinese restraunt for a late lunch... Jings ...she had delicious crab rangoon!  Of course it was all good!  Then, what's better after a good meal but a good cup of coffee so we stopped in at the Alterra Baking Co.  and I might say that their desserts are pretty good, too!
And that wrapped up our day...back to the truck to head for home.

As usual, besides the book and magazines, I took along my Lancaster County sampler to work on and got a bit accomplished...I finished the alphabet and a bit more of the border.  I am anxious to get it finished and add it to my sampler wall.

Today it was back to wasn't a long day.  It just felt like it. I usually "catch up" on sleep when in the truck but that didn't happen this trip...on top of losing an hour Saturday night....I'm feeling the effects!

I hope you had a terrific weekend...and have a great week! 

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Denni said...

I forgot to have you show me the pics - duh, we were too busy drinking wine & eating yummy chocolate it slipped our minds!