Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy March!....and a few more things...

Good morning all!  I hope you are off to having a fantastic week! 
I'm SO happy to see the month of March....I really don't want to rush time, it goes fast enough, but I'm so ready for spring!  I don't recall the winter weather bothering me so much as it has this year. 

I've still got lots up for sale in my on-line tag sale.....you can find the  picture trail link in the last posting or over on the sidebar.
I knew in all that I had listed, I'd fail to include something....and here they are!!  They are new and all made by me....leftover from last year and the year before...offering them for at least half off ....plus shipping!

Santa Head Door Greeter.....$15.00

Snowman Head Door Greeter.....$15.00

Light the Way Angel.....$12.50

If you are interested in any of these or anything  in the PT sale, just leave a comment or drop me an email at
I do accept paypal!!
Off to run errands......Have a GREAT day!! 

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