Thursday, March 4, 2010

A productive day...

As I mentioned in previous posts, I've been in an early spring cleaning mood! A few days ago, I cleaned out the laundry room, pitching things that had been stashed in there for lack of anyplace else to put them. How long they'd been there, I don't know, but it's gone now!  So in doing that, I realize just how bad that small room needed painting.  Hmm....what to do....I started to clear it out a few days ago but when I went to get out my supplies, I found that I didn't have any supplies here!  I'd left them at my son's house!  Well, bless their hearts, while out and about they brought them back Tuesday night so Wednesday morning, I got started was painting day!  But there was still the matter of paint!
There's always leftover paint from a room....keep it for touch ups but in the end instead of touch ups, it turns into repainting the whole room a whole different color!  I had a little bit of living room color, sewing room color and my bil gave me a quart of something that was too dark for him so....I'm looking at it all....hmm....each wall different color? darker on lower and lighter on upper?  mix the colors? hmm...there's an idea!!  I did a little test run....I mixed the darker color quart and the lighter tan sewing room leftover and decided that it was a color I was happy here it is.....

This is above the dryer....that little white basket holds extra light bulbs...I have a habit of knocking them off the shelf so this will keep them in working order!
Above the washer.....with all those cleaning supplies you'd think my house would be spotless all the time! HaHa!
I even hung up a few pretties!  I am pleased with the color....and it feels SO good to have this done!
Now, if I could only get to that bathroom!  But it's has wallpaper to be stripped and what a messy chore that can be!  That's another day....another week! 

Bright and early in the morning, my friend Dawn and I will be headed out to Arthur, IL...there are a couple antique shows over there along with alot of really neat places to stop between here and there!  We will be going to the Homesteaders on the Prairie and Gathering on the Prairie Antique Shows Friday and Saturday in Arthur as well as all the other places we have on our list....I'm not sure we will have time for everything that's on it since it seems to keep growing, but we will do what we can to hit as many places as we can!!!  Cleaning out my camera later, charging my battery so I can take lots of pictures! 
Now....I'd best get myself moving....have a cleaning job today, seamstress job plus errands! Lots to do!!!
I hope you have an AWESOME weekend!!


Shanda said...

I may be in your neck of the woods this weekend. I am going to the Lolli Bros. sale. I was there last month and on the way we stopped to eat breakfast in a town that had a sign pointing the way to the Randolph Co Mercantile Store. Now I know where it's at, gonna have to make hubby stop and let me look.

Denni said...

Hope you all had a good time this weekend! And you did a great job with your laundry room. I like the decor you put up in there too!

Debra said...

Love the new color!!

vwestermeyer said...

I am hoping the spring cleaning bug bites here soon. I have a list of things I've been putting off!