Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's THAT time of year....

I've been putting it off....and finally, two days ago decided that I can't put it off any longer and started digging, sorting, piling and filing all those papers we stash in a drawer, folder or wherever. Yep....TAXES!
Every year I tell myself I'm going to be more organized the next year....then by the time I get everything together and taken to the accountant, I'm wore out and put it off organizing the few months I have stashed in the drawer til the next week then  next week becomes next year at prep time!   Maybe this will be the year I actually do it!  Anywhoo...I have until 3:00 pm next Wednesday to get this all together! 
Remember back in the day before computers when once you finally got things in to your accountant, it was several days to maybe weeks to get your papers back to sign and snail mail in then weeks to actually get your refund?
It's a foggy morning here at the farm...hope it lifts soon!  Much to do today....a few errands in town and if it's as nice as they say it's going to be today (64 and sunshine), I really need to start cleaning out my flower beds....I've got green poking up thru the ground out there...yea!  I know I have some lillies and yarrow poking up...and another box of what I think are tulips?  I think that's what I put out there last year! 

Going to prep kitchen walls at MIL's for painting....she's getting new hardwood flooring so everything came out...appliances, nows the time for a fresh coat of paint.

And, it's time I get off of this ol' thing and get myself busy....hope you all have a GREAT day!! 


Kat449 said...

Yeah good luck w/ that Cyn...tee hee..Im in the process of radical spring cleaning & this time, no more moving piles, but sorting thru the piles....OMGosh I need a mini vaca...
But the feeling I have after going thru & organizing it all is just so freeing...hang in there...
Enjoy your in Ct. the sun is shining brightly & all my windows are OPEN! Yipee!

Shanda said...

Hi there, I did get to go tothe sale, but couldn't get him to stop by the mercantile store. maybe next time. I keep looking at all the ladies in the crowd and wondering if that could be yoy, but I knew you were one a road trip but still I did, I bought a large pony there to resale sometime this summer, he's a beauty, but needs taught some manners, he's been rode by kids who let him do what he wanted for to long. He minds adults really well, just takes a notion on his own sometime.

The whole time I have been decorating these shirts I keep thinking about you and how much you could help me. LOL. I guess I mean I don't have the knowledge to sew a shirt. The patterns totally throw me and make me frustrated. I have sewed more this year than ever in my life. I sat up until 1am making 2 aprons last night. I enjoyed that, but they are so simple. believe me they were nothing compared to the one you made.
Have you ever looked at the custom rail jackets and shirts forsale on Ebay, they bid them up to hundreds of dollars. They are beautiful. Can you make something like that? I woyuld love to meet with you sometime and have you measure me and make me a custom one if you take one special request like that.

better run, I promised myself that I would work in the flowers today before the rains come.