Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

 It is such a beautiful day here today!  The thermometer on the backporch says it's 70 degrees out there and according to google, it's 65 outside.  It's partly cloudy with a slight wind, but not so much I couldn't go outside and do a little spray painting!  The windows are open on the porch and thru the house and I'm lovin' it!   It's getting closer and closer to garden time.  I made my first "plant" purchase while at the Homesteaders show last Friday.  Paddy Wagon's had bundles of pussywillow branches and when I see them, I remember the pussywillow that my grandparents had in their backyard.  I heard a gentleman say that the bunches have been the most popular item of their booth!   I have these branches in water to let them root so that I can plant them somewhere in my yard...hmm...maybe by the time they root, I'll know where that spot will be! 
Another popular item was the new primitive magazine 'A Simple Life' ... and of course I had to pick up the latest issue of Mercantile Gatherings since I let my subscription run out!
Of course that's not all I bought....I picked up several other little treasures and I'll be offering them as remakes in time.
 Other than a little bit of cross-stitch, I hadn't been getting anything done...I was needing a creative reboot and this trip did just that! So stay tuned.....

I hope you're having an awesome day!


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I love pussywillows! My grandparents had some, too.

Don't you just adore this weather?! I am so RIDICULOUSLY ready for spring to be here in full bloom!

Denni said...

Which grandparents - I don't remember??