Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy...Busy...Where did March go?

March is usually the month that, for me, drags on and on....This year, that is not the case!  It's been such a busy month that it has flown by! I can't believe I let a week and a half go by without making some sort of post...even if just a short one!
We are just shy of two weeks before the big day...Ely and Liz are getting married April 10th. A small church wedding with a dance reception to follow.  Last weekend there were two bridal showers for Liz. Many thanks to those who hosted the showers and those who could attend!
Liz with (step)Mom, Carla.

Denise, Denni, Liz, Susan and Sheila.
Last Thursday was my sister, Denni's, birthday so that called for a girls day out!  Our oldest sister, Marsha couldn't go so we took adopted sister, my sister-in-law, Sheila!!
Sheila didn't have sisters and always wanted, since I have FOUR, I'm sharing!
She fits right in!! LOL 
The day started with a little shopping, an early lunch, then facials!
An hour of relaxation!  I've had makeovers before, but have not ever experienced a true facial.
It was awesome! 
We went to the school in Columbia...CCI. 
After that, we went back to the mall and I finally found my dress for the wedding!
Saturday, John's folks returned from Texas.  Mom loved her new kitchen! 
In just the past couple of weeks, new hardwood flooring was put in so everything including cabinets had to come out.  So before putting it all back together, a new fresh color of paint, thorough cleaning and a few minor repairs!  I'm actually looking forward to getting back in there and carrying the new paint color thru to the living room!  But not til after April 10th!

Saturday night, we celebrated John's birthday (which was Sunday) with dinner at Lulas! Mmm...Mmm! I think I've blogged about that place before!  The BEST ribeye!
So, besides work at one place or another, that's been my past couple weeks.
It looks to be a beautiful day...the sun is shining!  I think it's to be around 60 today but in the 70's for Tuesday and Wednesday! I'll take it!!
Have a GREAT day!


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I can't believe Ely and Liz are getting married. Heck, I still can't believe my "little" nephew Benjamin is married - for a YEAR now! You're right about March flying by, but the same could be said for life in general! Geez!

Have a great week Cindy :)

Denni said...

Okay it's not a bad picture - you're safe! :-) Had fun Thursday & am glad you all enjoyed the facials!