Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aunt Ruby.....

She was actually my great-aunt Ruby, a sister to my Grandma Hazel.
We had to say good-bye to her yesterday....
She was 96 years young and an awesome lady!
The past couple years, for her birthday, all she wanted was a motorcycle ride! 
She had never ridden one and that's what she wanted to do so that's what she got!
So besides den mother, basketball player & bowler......
.....she got to add "BIKER BABE" to her titles.
(You can't  see it, but that's what her t-shirt says)
She played cards and dominoes....and she didn't like to lose...especially when playing against Uncle Rex.
She continued to live in her own place after Uncle Rex passed and it wasn't until just a couple months ago that she had to give it up. 
Two of my sisters and I surprised her with a visit on her 95th birthday and that was the last time we got to see her.  I am SO glad we got that time with her, as we didn't get to see her very often since we lived 4 hours away.
She's right where she wants to be now....she is with Uncle Rex, and she's giving him the "what-for" in a game of dominoes.

Rest in peace Aunt Ruby....we love and miss you.


di2009 said...

What a nice tribute and an awesome picture!

Anonymous said...

Awwww brought tears to my eyes reading this!! RIP Aunt Ruby!