Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grandma Mag...

I love old photographs.
This one is of my Great-Grandma Margaret (Zumwalt) Summers, aka Grandma Mag, with my Grandpa Summers and his sister, my Great Aunt Minnie (Summers) Meyers.
I never knew Grandma Mag nor Aunt Minnie.  Grandma Mag passed away in 1954, more than 10 years before I was born.  Minnie died on December 5, 1918 at the age of 21 and 8 months pregnant, from the flu. 
Grandpa turned 15 years old on that day. 
From what I understand, Grandma Mag was, as we would call it today no matter the circumstance,  a single mother.  Grandpa Charlie passed away when Grandpa was a youngster.  She  remarried but one day he just up and left, never to be heard from again.  I can't even remember his name and apparently Grandma Mag didn't want to remember, as she took back the Summers name.

According to my Great-Aunt Ruby, Grandma Mag was a skilled seamstress and what my Grandma Hazel learned about sewing, she learned  not from  her own mother, but from Grandma Mag once she and Grandpa were married.

I wish I had taken better notes as I was growing up and hearing some of the people get older, memories start to fade and details are forgotten.  There are always old photographs but if someone doesn't record the who, what and when on the backs of them, the faces are unfamiliar to those who follow.
I'm trying to do better at recording the necessary information on the backs or with captions in scrapbook and photo albums. 
I'm hoping that as I blog more about my family, it will inspire and motivate me to get busy on my scrapbooking and record more information of generations past for our future generations.

It looks to be another beautiful day.....time to get ready to church.
I'll be making chicken enchiladas for Sunday supper....

Enjoy your day!

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