Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cake Brownies.....

.....not a keeper.
A supper planned of fried chicken, mashed potatoes,  gravy and corn with "diner brownies" for dessert. 
The brownie recipe from the pull-out section of the chocolate issue of Food Network magazine.
Everything was great....except the brownies.
Their diner brownie is their cake brownie with frosting.
I wanted a sampling of the brownie before making the frosting but didn't care
enough for the taste to make it.
Maybe it wasn't their recipe.  Maybe it was how I mixed it together or how
I baked it.  I don't know. 
 But that won't be a keeper recipe for me.
Oh well....that won't stop me from trying other recipes from that issue.
Since I'm getting to cook regular meals more often these days, I'm trying new things...
new recipes from all these cookbooks I have. 
I have my favorites....but how do you know if there's another out there that's just
as good if not better if you don't try something else?
And why have all these cookbooks if I'm not going to use them?
I do have a cake brownie recipe that I like really well, even though I've not made them
 in a long time....hmm, I wonder where that is?  When I find it, I'll share it with you.

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