Sunday, March 18, 2012


She LOVES her wagon! 
She doesn't care if it's indoors or out....moving or not. 
She just loves to be in it!
The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week and we've been spending alot of time outdoors.
We load up and walk to the mailbox.....

....then wander around the farm.
Usually, Lucy will go, too.....
.....and Belle. 
 This poor ol' girl has been around here forever.  Our nephew, Erik, brought this cat with him when he moved in with us and when he moved out, she stayed. 
My favorite spot behind the house here....I think we can find a strong enough limb on one
 of these trees to hang a swing for Rylee....
Not only does she love her wagon, she just loves to be outdoors, so we'll  bring her
play saucer out to the front porch to play and enjoy the warmth.
Who woulda thought...shorts, tank and barefoot in mid-March!
Gotta love this Missouri weather! 
I'm not complaining.....I'll take it! 
It would suit me fine for it to stay just like this the whole summer!

Well, time to get busy....Rylee and her mama will be here soon to go to church with me and I need to finish makin' up some potato salad to go with the grilled bbq burgers this evening!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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di2009 said...

Rylee is so beautiful! I know you enjoy spending time with her!