Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stockings and more stockings...

More old cutter quilt stockings...large ones for the mantle and ornament size...
And more wool felt stockings. As you can see, these were made to order...personalized for new grandbabies of a long time customer.
I love Christmas stockings and they are probably the family favorite of Christmas morning here at our house. No matter how old the "kids" get. They have found some pretty good things in their stockings over the years. Everything from a new toothbrush to dollar scratch offs to $20 gift cards to new little gadgets of some sort.
Sometimes it's as much fun if not more looking for them little things to fill the stockings as it is shopping for an actual gift.
It's been such a busy couple weeks that I've not gotten out one decoration yet. So after church and a couple of errands I'll put on some Christmas music and bring out our tree and hang our stockings.
Enjoy your day!

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