Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are ya keepin' warm?

It was a bit warmer today .... still cold & glad that I could stay inside once I got the chores done. I keep a bird feeder in a tree out back & I know birds are eating it as I do have to refill from time to time but I don't usually see the birds! Today....I noticed there were all kinds out there! Apparently they are camera shy but I did manage to get this one. So pretty! That's the most color I've seen around my yard for some time now....well, besides my chickens!
So what's goin' on in your world this week?


Shari said...

Over in this part of the world we've had warm humid weather thanks to a cyclone messing around up north. Just going to work and chasing the kids as usual. New school year starts on Monday. Not much sewing getting done. Hope it warms up a bit for you soon!
Shari in Perth Western Australia

Shanda said...

Hi there, I wasn't sure if my email got delivered this time so I wanted to be sure and contact you and let you know I recieved your sweet package. It is beautiful and you do such good work. I love it and even my husband told me what a true treasure it was. I told him, "I know, I know", My email came back undeliverable the first time for some reason. I sent it to the same one you had emailed me from. Hope all is good with you and you are staying warm and dry. I am going to put a picture of the apron on my blog with a link back to you if that is ok. My blog carnival contest ends tomorrow night, so I cam start blogging again. Whew! that was way more than I barganed for, I can hardly keep up.Have you ever heard of that before. I did it once and recieved about 60 responses, this time its overwhelming. I guess more people are home now and on the net. Gotta run, its geting late,